Friday, 25 May 2012

Wonderful Victorian websites

Broaden your Victorian horizons by taking a look at these interesting websites:

Girls' Literature and Culture Blog

Dr Michelle Smith from the University of Melbourne writes about what it was like to be a girl in the Victorian and Edwardian era - what you would have read, worn, and done with your time. She's also written a book on the same subject titled Empire in British Girls' Literature and Culture: Imperial Girls, 1880-1915.

According to Smith, "from the nineteenth century [...], women have learned through women's magazines and how they present and construct ideas about women's dress and appearance how to be appropriately feminine". This is such a relevant and controversial theme today, with issues such as eating disorders and the objectification of women permeating media discourse.

Queen Victoria's Online Scrapbook

A fantastic interactive scrapbook of Queen Victoria's life and times, with tons of images (paintings, documents and photographs), detailed facts and even some video clips from later in her reign.


An assortment of every possible news snippet or website post that relates to Charles Dickens and his work. The fun, informal tone of blogger Gina Dalfonzo's writing invites you right in.

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