Tuesday, 13 March 2012

See what's in the Charles Dickens Museum!

While we can't all go to London right now, we can at least get a glimpse of all the treasures in the Charles Dickens Museum there by watching this clip:

The Charles Dickens Museum from martinib.eu on Vimeo.

The museum, like life in the Victorian era, centres around the home. "Our refurbishment programme here," says museum director Dr Florian Schweizer (02:51), "has been mainly designed to bring back the kind of domestic atmosphere - the home atmosphere - of Charles Dickens's home. [...] So we can really recreate a setting that Dickens would (probably) recognise if he came back and visited this house once more."

The video clip features a wonderful painting by Robert William Buss called Dickens's Dream (1875), which shows the slumbering author in his study, surrounded by the spirits of his characters.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

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